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Walking is an excellent form of exercise, which requires no special physical strength or expensive equipment – and can take you to all sorts of places which are inaccessible to vehicles.

Elstree & Borehamwood Town Council is sponsoring Teddy’s Trails, to encourage us all to pull on our hiking boots or walking shoes and get out and about on our feet.


What are Teddy’s Trails?

These trails are set of self-guided walking routes through the countryside around the town. They have been reconnoitred and are personally recommended by Teddy, a fox terrier who has been a resident of the town since his puppyhood and is an enthusiastic and experienced user of the local footpath network.

Where are Teddy’s Trails?

Although Borehamwood and Elstree are only twelve miles from Trafalgar Square, they are surrounded by open countryside which is easily accessible on foot. Each trail starts at a point which can be reached by bus from Elstree & Borehamwood station, and each trail leads back to the station.

 Teddy Map2

What’s the point of Teddy’s Trails?

The trails are designed to help residents of the town, and their visitors from further afield, to acquire the walking habit and to become better acquainted with the local countryside. The description of each trail includes information about places of interest passed along the way.

How long are Teddy’s Trails?

They range in length from about three to about eight miles, which means that at a steady walking pace of two and a half miles per hour they should take between an hour and a quarter and three hours to complete. Allow longer if you prefer ambling to quickstepping. The outward journey by bus will not usually take longer than half an hour, so most of the trails can easily be walked in a morning or an afternoon. The length is given at the start of each trail guide.

Will I need any special gear to walk Teddy’s Trails?

No – the routes are mostly on grass or on paved paths, though some cross fields which are ploughed. In dry weather, strong shoes (or trainers) will usually be OK, but remember to bring a waterproof if rain is forecast. In winter, or when there has been a recent rainy spell, some sections can become very muddy underfoot, and at these times hiking boots or wellingtons are strongly recommended. There are no very steep or rough stretches, but there are some on which brambles and nettles - and planted crops - may encroach in summer, so bare legs are best avoided. There are a few stiles or steps that have to be climbed, and regrettably the trails are not suitable for wheelchairs or (mostly) for buggies. They mainly follow footpaths on which riding cycles is not allowed. A compass is always useful to confirm that you’re heading in the right direction.

How many trails are there?

Altogether, there are 18 different trails to choose from. Just pick a route, download the PDF file and away you go. Please look at the separate Before you set off file which contains important information to help you make the most of your walk.

Printed copies of individual trail guides can be obtained free on request from the Town Council at Fairway Hall, Brook Close, Borehamwood WD6 5BT (phone 0208 207 1382).

Enjoy the trails – and please get in touch with Teddy c/o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let him know how you get on, and whether you have any suggestions for improving them.


Click on the map or logo in the boxes below to download more information

Before you set off

  teddys trails


5 miles
2 Hours



 6.7 Miles
2 Hours 40 minutes

Berrygrove map


6 miles
2 Hours 25 minutes



4.9 miles
2 Hours


Dyrham Park

6.2 miles
2 Hours 30mins



3.2 miles
1 Hour 30 minutes



5.5 miles
2 Hours 10 minutes



4.8 miles
1 Hour 55 minutes


Little Bushey

5.2 miles
2 Hours 5 minutes



7.8 miles
3 Hours 10 minutes



5.9 miles
2 Hours 20 minutes



7 miles
2 Hours 50 minutes



3.1 miles
1 Hours 15 minutes



6.5 miles
2 Hours 45 minutes 

Shenleybury Map

Shenley Park

6.4 miles
2 Hours 40 minutes


South Mimms

5.1 miles
2 Hours 5 minutes



5.6 miles
2 Hours 15 minutes



5.3 miles
2 Hours 10 minutes





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