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Our three allotment sites

Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council manages three allotment sites at Melrose Avenue Borehamwood, Allum Lane, Elstree and our newest site at Stapleton Road, Borehamwood, which opened in 2017.

People rent allotments for a whole variety of reasons.  Plot holders said in a recent survey that their love of allotment gardening stems from the fresh air and exercise they enjoy the opportunity to meet and learn from like-minded people in a relaxed, natural environment.

They said that food they grow tastes better and is cheaper, fresher and healthier than that bought at the supermarket. 

From time to time we have a small number of vacancies on our sites.  If you would like to find out more about renting an allotment plot in Elstree or Borehamwood please call 020 8207 1382 or contact our warden

Great British Bird Watch

heron picture for latets allotment newsstarlings for latest allotment newsThe Big Garden Birdwatch took place over the last weekend in January.  This nationwide event, organised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), is designed to encourage members of the public to spend an hour in their garden or the local park spotting varieties of birds and feeding their findings to the RSPB.  This information is then analysed centrally by the Charity in order to monitor and better understand our bird population and the health of the natural environment.

For more information please go to rspb.org.uk

Whilst visiting our three allotment sites today in Elstree and Borehamwood, we spotted the following birds: starling, pied wagtail, wood pigeon, red kite, heron, robin, herring gull, jackdaw, crow and buzzard.

Did you know?

The RSPB has recorded over 400 species of bird in the UK including some rare overseas visitors.

The RSPB has its origins in Manchester in the late 1880s.

The Society was initially made up entirely of women and membership cost two pence.

David knows his onions (and his potatoes)

basket onions harvest 175415 SmallDavid is one of our long-standing allotment holders at Melrose Avenue site. Anne and I bumped into him earlier this week when we were clearing out the toolshed.

After almost 40 years at Melrose, David certainly knows a thing or two about gardening.  This week he was taking advantage of the break in the weather to dig over his plot to enable the frost to break up the clay soil.

He found time to give us a handy potato tip: David has just bought his first and second early seed potatoes in late January ready for planting in April and May. 

David buys them early and keeps them in a coolish but frost-free environment, covering them up every night to ensure that develop short, strong shoots, not long, leggy ones.

David’s choices this year are Wilja and BelleFontaine.

Other reliable choices are Arran Pilot, Charlotte and Cara.

Did you know?close up harvest potatoes 162673 Small

You can grow potatoes in compost a sack or a bucket with holes for drainage

There are around 500 varieties of potato but only about 80 varieties are grown commercially.

Belle de Fontenay is an old French salad variety from the 1880s.  It produces yellow-skinned tubers with yellow flesh.

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